About us
One cold December morning, some 10-12 years ago, as the snow glistened on the machinery of an industrial park, a businessman, arriving at his office early, observed some cats desperately scratching for peanut butter that had fallen from a bird feeder. Sensing they were being watched, the cats dashed across the frozen landscape, and sought refuge under some old abandoned trailers.

Thus, the seed for creating a cat sanctuary was planted when the future founder of Forget Me Not observed these horrible conditions that a colony of stray and feral cats were living under, trying to survive in this industrial park.

The founder tried to help the cats survive by providing them with food, water and temporary shelter, only to find that this helped only a little, as the cats were multiplying, and often, none of the kittens from a litter would survive. Compounding the problem, once people were aware that a colony was being cared for in that area, numerous cats were ruthlessly discarded there.

When the founder retired his business from the industrial area, the entire colony of cats was rescued by him and his wife. After discovering that there were very few options for suitable permanent homes for feral cats, the founders created the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary and these cats became its first permanent residents.
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A not-for-profit Cat Sanctuary Society that provides a loving home to cats that are feral, old, sick or injured